Kirsten Marie Ørnsbjerg Jensen

Kirsten is an associate professor at University of Copenhagen, where she started the group in October 2015. She did her undergraduate and PhD studies at Aarhus University, where she worked in Bo B. Iversen’s group in Center for Materials Crystallography. Following her PhD, Kirsten did postdoctoral work at Columbia University in New York in Simon J. L. Billinge’s group, using total scattering and PDF to study the structure of nanomaterials. Kirsten is leading the Nanostructure group at University of Copenhagen, focusing on mapping the relation between nanomaterial synthesis, structure and properties.

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ResearcherID: I-9367-2012
ORCID: 0000-0003-0291-217X


Susan Cooper
Susan did her PhD at University of Oregon working with Jim Hutchinson and Darren Johnson. During her PhD, she visited our group in Copenhagen for two longer stays, working on a collaboration on iron oxide nanoparticle structure and formation. She is now a postdoctoral fellow in the group, where she holds a Marie Curie Global Postdoctoral Fellowship from the European Research Council. She joined in April 2019, and here, she works on chalcogenide nanoparticles.

Susanne Linn Skjærvø
Susanne finished her PhD with Mari-Ann Einarsrud at NTNU in Norway in October 2018, where she worked on understanding formation mechanisms during hydrothermal synthesis of alkaline niobates.  She is now a postdoc in the group, where she uses PDF to understand the formation mechanisms of complex oxides.

Andrea Kirsch
Andrea did her PhD at  University of Bremen, where she worked on the synthesis, structure and properties of bismuth iron oxides. After graduating in 2019, she now holds a postdoctoral fellowship from the German Research Foundation to work with our group. She joined in November 2019, and works on applying PDF methods for formation studies and magnetism in complex oxides.

Jonathan Quinson
Jonathan got his PhD from Oxford University in 2015 and has been worked as postdoc with our UCPH colleague Matthias Arenz on nanoparticles for catalysis. He now works in the nanostructure group on understanding formation mechanisms for metallic nanoparticles to further understand and improve synthesis methods.

PhD students:

Mikkel Juelsholt
Mikkel joined the group in February 2016 for his bachelor research project, and has stayed on in the group since then, now as a PhD-student. Mikkel the synthesis and characterization of tungsten oxide nanoparticles.

Jette Katja Mathiesen
Jette started her PhD in the group in January 2018 after her MSc studies at DTU and BSc at Aarhus University. In her Masters thesis, in collaboration with the Nanostructure Group, Jette used X-ray total scattering to study carbon based battery materials. In her PhD, she is studying the structure/synthesis/property relations of metallic and intermetallic nanoparticles for catalysis.

Andy Sode Anker
Andy started his MSc+PhD program in the group in September 2018, but has been working with the group since he was an undergraduate student. He works on understanding reaction mechanism related to metal oxido clusters in solution, applying both PDF and SAXS.

Emil Thyge Skaaning Kjaer
Emil started his PhD in September 2019, but has been working with the group both for his BSc and MSc projects. Emil works on automating data treatment and especially PDF modelling for in situ studies.

Olivia Aalling-Frederiksen
Olivia is on the integrated MSc+PhD program, which she started in September 2019. Olivia works on disordered oxide materials: Niobium oxides, as well as cobalt iron oxides for catalysis.

Baiyu Wang
Baiyu did her BSc studies at Wuhan Institute of Technology in China and her MSc at University of Copenhagen. Her MSc thesis work on molecular electronics was done with Kasper Nørgaards group next door, but since November 2019 she has been a PhD student in our group. Baiyu works on the synthesis and structural characterization of intermetallic nanoparticles.

Nicolas Magnard
Nicolas’ background is in materials science and engineering. He did his joint engineering and masters degree at Université de Limoges, and has done research projects at both Université de Limoges and Uppsala University. Nicolas works on understanding material formation, studying polymorphism in oxide materials.

Master Students:

Laura Olivia Dalskov Frederiksen
Laura works on the formation of vanadium oxides.

Ida Nielsen
Ida works on the synthesis of sulphide nanoparticles

Alumni from the group:

Troels Lindahl Christansen, PhD, Graduated 2019


Elly Kim Bathke – MSc, Nanoscience, Graudated August 2018
Triana Wulandari – MSc, Nanoscience, Graduated June 2018
Joanna Symnowicz – MSc,  Physics, Graduated February 2018
Emil Rössing Elholm – MSc, Chemistry, Graduated December 2017
Christina Basse Riel – BSc, Nanoscience, Graduated January 2017
Mathias Helmsøe-Zinck – BSc, Nanoscience, Graduated June 2016

Visitors to the group:

We’re happy to have hosted visitors to the group:

Susan Cooper, at the time graduate student in Jim Hutchison’s group at University of Oregon. Susan was with us for in total 6 months during 2016 and 2017.

Christoph Findler, at the time master student in Dorota Koziej’s group at ETH Zurich, visited the group to use PDF to study the formation of metal oxides.